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Tema: [Review] Roundup: Bay Reservoirs & Laing Tops !

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    [Review] Roundup: Bay Reservoirs & Laing Tops !

    Hey guys,

    it's time for another roundup, this time about Laing tops and, as an added bonus, three XSPC Slot In 5,25" reservoirs for one or two Laing pumps. Older models as well as new ones will be featured in this overview.
    As previous tests have shown, all Laing tops are very close when it comes to flowrates. In the results chart I'm going to display the highest rate achievement by every product in the setup "top in, front out", which is the only possibility for a few tops.
    Event though they flowrates aren't too different, this can't be said about the noise: this is the reason why I want to present a small overview about it.
    There aren't only the standard single Laing tops in this roundup, but also three Dual-Laing tops and even a Triple-Laing top! Also, because some users asked me to do it, there's also a comparison to two single tops.
    As you can see, I did a lot to offer you a good roundup when it comes to Laing tops. There should be a top for everyone in here and I also added two older models, that aren't produced anymore, for comparison.
    With all the tops in this review you should always check the correct mounting on the Laing pump, to avoid damage due to leaking water.
    When removing the tops, I recommend to put the pump top down, so that no fluid can reach the pump itself when removing it.

    Have fun with this roundup!


    Banchetto 101 Bench Station
    Gigabyte GA EX58 Extreme
    Mips Fusionblock Nickel
    i7 920 @4GHz @1.41V (Bios setting)
    Seasonic M12D-850
    Patriot Viper DIMM Kit 6GB PC3-12800U CL8-8-8-24
    Watercool HEATKILLER® CPU Rev3.0 1366 nickel plated
    EVGA GTX 275 (not part of loop!)
    ThermoChill PA140.3 - 420 Radiator + 3x YL D14SL Fans
    Aquaero VFD
    Laing DDC-1T+ or 2x Laing DDC 1T for dual tops!
    Noise Destructor v1.1 pumpdecoupling
    Alphacool HF 38 Cape Cyclone 250 reservoir
    Aquacomputer flow meter "high flow" G1/4"
    CPC Metall quick-release couplings
    16/10 tubing + barbed fittings
    3x water temperature sensors (2x T-Line, 1x in reservoir (G 1/4") )
    1x dig. sensor in reservoir for calibrating
    3x dig. thermometer for measuring room temperature
    GELID GC Extreme
    Feser UV Clear/Blue

    Full Review is here for you:

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    Thanks for this review =).